Ground pools

ground pool

Tips for building Ground pools With a ground pool, the homeowner gets a swimming pool that is on a par with the rest of the plot. It is buried in the ground and is seen as the classic variant of pool. It is also the one that, at least for the eye, takes up the least space of … Read more

Solar energy: Advantages & disadvantages

Many private individuals and companies have seen the benefits of using solar energy as it provides a good return in the form of reduced energy costs for the electricity that the properties use. But how does solar energy really work and what are the known advantages and disadvantages? In this article, you can learn more about … Read more

Financial planners in Toowoomba

What is a financial planner? It is the job of a financial planner to provide advice regarding personal financing, investments and money in general. Unlike stockbrokers and other professionals, no financial planner receives any form of commission for his advice. Instead, he has paid a monthly fee like that earned by a lawyer or accountant. Financial planning … Read more

Rehabilitation meetings

It is the person who represents the employer who is responsible for calling meetings and who needs to have regular rehabilitation meetings with the person who is on sick leave. The purpose is to take the workplace-oriented rehabilitation further; to try to discover and explore possible obstacles and see and develop opportunities.  Rehabilitation meetings can touch on … Read more

Replace Car Battery

Replace car battery

If you test the car battery and it does not work properly, you will need to replace it. This is not as big a job as it sounds and is definitely possible to do yourself, as long as you are careful. Faulty batteries can be very dangerous for a number of different reasons. The acid inside the battery is extremely … Read more

How to be a good communicator in strata

Living in strata can be fraught with problems sometimes, and we’ve all heard horror stories of the neighbor from hell making life a misery. But strata living doesn’t have to be that way – and with good communication, it shouldn’t be. It pays huge dividends to promote strong and clear communication within your body corporate … Read more

Chill out at the Bunya Mountains this summer

Summer in Bunya Mountains Long, hot summer – the words have been immortalised in songs, literature and movies. But for many, the thought of a long and hot summer can be tiring, draining and lethargy-inducing. The idea of spending your days in a sweat-covered haze fighting for a spot in front of the air conditioner … Read more

Join paving stones with flexible hard joint

joining pavers

Are you planning a stone project in the garden? Maybe you are already working on your new patio or driveway? Once your last stone is laid, you need a good joint sand to finish with. Here we guide you to joining tiles or paving stones with Flexible Hard Joint . Choose the right grout for your paving stones and tiles There are … Read more

Why are my teeth moving?

“Why are my teeth moving?” is a common question we get from our patients. Did you know that your teeth move with age? And then we do not mean with braces or Invisalign to achieve a beautiful smile. We mean the natural process where teeth move as you get older. It does not matter if … Read more