How to choose commercial pavers

When it comes to paving your commercial premises, you’ve got a lot of choice. There is a seemingly endless array of pavers around, each with its own advantages and disadvantages, and it can be confusing knowing which one is best for your commercial area. Here’s what you need to consider when choosing pavers for your … Read more

Ground pools

ground pool

Tips for building Ground pools With a ground pool, the homeowner gets a swimming pool that is on a par with the rest of the plot. It is buried in the ground and is seen as the classic variant of pool. It is also the one that, at least for the eye, takes up the least space of … Read more

Solar energy: Advantages & disadvantages

Many private individuals and companies have seen the benefits of using solar energy as it provides a good return in the form of reduced energy costs for the electricity that the properties use. But how does solar energy really work and what are the known advantages and disadvantages? In this article, you can learn more about … Read more

Join paving stones with flexible hard joint

joining pavers

Are you planning a stone project in the garden? Maybe you are already working on your new patio or driveway? Once your last stone is laid, you need a good joint sand to finish with. Here we guide you to joining tiles or paving stones with Flexible Hard Joint . Choose the right grout for your paving stones and tiles There are … Read more

Masonry blocks retaining wall

If you want to delimit two surfaces that have different heights, a retaining wall is the perfect solution. In addition to giving you a nice transition between two levels, you can, for example, plant a flower bed along the wall. The bricks are laid in joints and either they are glued with stone glue or you use … Read more