All You Need to Know About Home Care Package

The Australian Government, finances Home Care Packages. This allows elderly Australians to remain safe and self-sufficient in their homes.

The consumer’s Home Care Package funds can be used to pay for a variety of community services, care services, social, support, and well-being services with an approved provider, along with various types of equipment and home alterations, to help them live securely and comfortably at home.

Everyone’s requirements and goals are different. The way Home Care funds are spent varies from one individual to another. What works for one individual in living freely and comfortably at home may not work for another. So, it is critical that your care plan is tailored to you and helps you accomplish your well-being objectives.

This article is gives direction to you to get the most out of your allocated funds by providing guidelines and examples of what your Home Care Package can be utilized to pay for.

What For You Can Use the Home Care Package?

Some people may spend their entire funds on aged care services. While some other individuals, with part of their allocated funds, may buy equipment or make house improvements that enable them to remain at home. For example, modifications like – “ramp” or “wheelchair accessible entrance” would allow older people to access their home easily.

Your provider as well as other health experts, such as your GP, physiotherapist, or equivalent, will always assess your equipment and change requests. This is to guarantee that the result will uphold your objectives.

For some older adults, the greatest effect on prosperity has been accomplished by allowing them to continue doing what they enjoy or keep associated with their neighbourhood and community. Whatever solution is found, it must be designed in collaboration with the consumer and the care provider, and it must fulfil the specified requirements as stated in the care plan.

Eligibility for Home Care Packages

Older people in Australia are provided with Home Care Packages, who require additional assistance from an aged care provider so that they live independently and securely at home. Depending on the level of your package, you’ll receive the            funding. To know your package level, our staff can assist you in exploring MyAgedCare and begin the process of obtaining an evaluation. After completing this process, you can start to find your aged care provider who can help to achieve your goals.

Talk to our friendly professionals to know your eligibility for Home Care Services.

Levels of Home Care Package

From level 1 to level 4, there are four levels of Home Care Packages to address varied care and support needs. The level you are eligible for will be determined by the results of your Aged Care Assessment. The government provides a defined amount of money to each level of Home Care Package that can be utilised for the payment of care and support services.

The funding for these levels from 1 to 4 varies from low-level to highest available funding. The Level 1 Home Care Package is intended to give you a little amount of funds which provides a few hours of care and support each week. A Level 4 Home Care Package is the most expensive option which is intended to help someone who needs an undeniable degree of help to stay at home.

The amount of funds given by the Australian Government for each level of Home Care Packages varies on a regular basis. MyAgedCare provides the most up-to-date rates.

Older people can achieve a lot through the support of Home Care Packages

There are testimonies from many older people that these Home Care Packages brought a big difference in their lives. “Many older people live independently at home and are supported by a Home Care Package. They are normally active but having a Care Coordinator can help them to get listened and noticed even more keenly”, says an experienced caretaker.

Care packages can help older people in even buying a new scooter. A care coordinator can listen to and understand the individual needs and priorities. They help older people to feel independent by allowing them to participate in usual social activities.

Being able to get around independently, without relying on anyone for transport or assistance brings up a big difference in the lives of older people. 

Services Available Under a Home Care Package

  • Having a caregiver with you to spend time in the garden so that you can continue to enjoy a favourite hobby in a secure manner
  • On a day excursion, go to your favourite spots, such as the seashore, a park, or a historical site
  • Going to the library or film together
  • Attending fitness sessions at a gym or a swimming centre with the assistance of a caregiver
  • Learning new recipes, or cooking together
  • Everything from assisting you in Pet care and getting your pet companions to the vet or groomer, to assisting you in caring for and walking them on a regular basis.

Services you shouldn’t spend on using Home Care Package

There are some grey areas in terms of what can and cannot be covered under your Home Care Funding. Yet, there are clear guidelines that state that the following items are not covered:

  • day-to-day expenses, such as utilities and groceries
  • your lease or home loan costs
  • the expense of vacations
  • Gambling and entertainment
  • programs already under Australian Government’s subsidy
  • things that are covered by Medicare or Pharmaceutical Benefits, as of now