Ground pools

Tips for building Ground pools

With a ground pool, the homeowner gets a swimming pool that is on a par with the rest of the plot. It is buried in the ground and is seen as the classic variant of pool.

It is also the one that, at least for the eye, takes up the least space of the various pool options available, as it does not encroach on the garden space.

Build a ground pool

A ground pool can be built in several different ways. The classic way is to build a site-built ground pool with a surface of tiles. However, it is a very expensive option, although it is a sustainable and beautiful way to build a pool . The foundation is then a cast mold in concrete, but there are also those who build such a pool in leca blocks.

A good much more common and cheaper model for the private pool owner is to choose a pool in the form of a tub with liner. It is a form that is inserted into the ground and where the walls are covered with a cloth, called a liner. In this case, the cloth replaces the tile.

If you are thinking about pavers around the pool, Try non-slip travertine pavers are the best option. They are affordable, durable.

Special pool systems

A ground pool is often made to be buried and dimensioned for this. The ground around keeps the shape of the pool itself and forms the support.

There are also pool systems that can be set on the ground or dug down depending on your wishes. These can also work well in hilly soils, where part of the ground pool ends up without surrounding and supporting soil.

It is also important that the frame and liner are suitable for the Swedish climate, which is a bit special with its cold and harsh winters. Feel free to take recommendations from others before deciding on the type of swimming pool.

Sizes of ground pool

There are lots of sizes and shapes of a ground pool. The most common is a ground pool that measures 4 times 8 meters. The larger a ground pool, the more is required by the construction and by the heating system.

Another interesting aspect is the shape. It is easiest to build one in a rectangular shape, but one with rounded edges or with a kidney-shaped design is an experience for the eye as well.

The reason

The ground pools that are buried in the ground are intended for just this. They need support all the way around and this is most easily done through a gravel bed. The bed is laid in connection with the liner and when the water itself is filled in the ground pool.

The sides of the pool are often anchored with struts to provide good stability. Free-standing pools do not need braces or gravel filling in the way traditional pools do.

Accessories for the pool

A cover is a must – partly to ensure that children and others are safe from drowning when the pool is not used and to keep the heat in the ground pool. The cover is also a great way to keep unwanted items out of the pool.

A popular option is the built-in stairs. The option with a ladder rarely provides as comfortable swimming, even if it is a cheaper choice.

There are several different types of heating systems to choose from and pool lighting provides access to swimming and play even during the dark hours of the day.

A flat and dry surface is needed around the pool where children’s and adults’ legs can run around safely. It is most easily solved with a wooden deck or a paved surface. pick the pavers for your pool here.

 It is also possible to make a wide edge around the ground pool and then let the lawn take over. Feel free to put a fence by the pool to reduce the risk of accidents.

Purification systems make it easier to maintain the pool and make the water stay fresh for a long time. They are often, but not always, part of a pool system. Sand filters and vacuum cleaners for pools also make life easier for the pool owner.

Heat in the pool

To heat the water in the ground pool, there are heat pumps to buy. The solar-powered heat pump is preferable, as it keeps costs down. It is also possible to connect the heating system to the water-borne system in the house. Anyone who really cares about hot water even during spring and autumn can install a heat exchanger.

Plan the ground pool correctly

There are many opportunities, but also many pitfalls when it comes to building a ground pool. Always think through the budget, wishes and possibilities carefully before construction begins.

Always request a quote from several companies before you decide which ground pool to choose. The price may differ between different suppliers, as well as quality and what is included in the pool package.

To think of

Maintenance in a ground pool is important. Pool Cleaning and keeping the walls clean is a prerequisite for healthy baths. In a ground pool with liner, the water can remain in the pool even during the winter. The pipes, filters and pumps must be emptied of water so as not to explode during the cold months of the year.

There are no building permit requirements for a ground pool. However, a land permit or a building permit may be required to build it. Talk to the municipality before starting work on the ground pool so you are on the safe side.