Think outside the box and go vertical with your concrete pavers

Concrete pavers – it’s easy to think of them as something you’d use to pave a flat, horizontal area. Because that’s what most people do, of course – it’s logical to put pavers on the ground. But if that’s the only way you think pavers can be used, you’re limiting yourself, because concrete pavers can also go vertical. And what’s more, when they do, they are a cost-effective and striking way to create a stunning focal point in the garden.

Here are a few ways for adding vertical interest to your outdoor area with concrete pavers.


Water features

Everyone loves a good water feature – because they are a great way to add beauty, movement and interest to an outdoor area. As well, the sound of water is well-known to be relaxing, peaceful and calming, and a water feature can add a pleasant ambience to your area.

Water pond

From a fish pond or grotto to a fountain or even a small waterfall, water features are a wonderful design and lifestyle option. You can use concrete pavers to create your feature in any number of ways – you really are limited only by your own imagination.

Fire pits

A fire pit is another good use of concrete pavers, particularly if you live in a colder climate area. This is a great feature that can be used as the centrepiece of an outdoor living area, and which will become a gathering place for family and friends.



Don’t spend money on expensive outdoor seating and furniture – it’s cheaper and easier to make your own! If you have leftover concrete pavers, consider turning them into a custom designed piece of outdoor seating to enjoy.


Garden benches or seats for the garden can be easily constructed from concrete pavers, and can be designed to fit into your unique environment in both dimension and appearance.

Built in planters

Love pot plants? Create the perfect custom pot or planter with concrete pavers. These can be either built-in or freestanding, and can be designed to tie your space together beautifully when coordinated with your current pavers.


Columns and walls

Concrete pavers stacked upon each other can make visually appealing and rustic-looking walls and columns that will add extra interest to your outdoor area.


These architectural elements will be a striking feature of your garden, and will make your space more defined and more functional. Train a creeping plant up a column of concrete pavers for a striking look.


Concrete pavers are a great way to create an eye-catching feature in your garden on steep or sloping areas. You could use the same pavers you’ve used for your outdoor area to create a continuous, unified look in your outdoor area and garden, or you could choose a different type of paver to create contrast and interest.



Use your leftover concrete pavers to create a unique and eye-catching birdbath, when topped with a bowl of water. It’s not too difficult to create, and your local birds will love it, plus, it’s another great feature for the garden.


So, there are a few great ideas for starters – and there are plenty more creative ways to use your concrete pavers vertically! A quick Google search will bring you plenty of ideas about how to design these elements using your concrete pavers, so spend a bit of time finding the perfect design idea for your outdoor area. And while you’re at it, have a look at a great range of quality concrete pavers that you can use on your vertical constructions here: