Rehabilitation meetings

It is the person who represents the employer who is responsible for calling meetings and who needs to have regular rehabilitation meetings with the person who is on sick leave. The purpose is to take the workplace-oriented rehabilitation further; to try to discover and explore possible obstacles and see and develop opportunities. 

Rehabilitation meetings can touch on issues such as

  • How can the person’s work ability be utilized in the best way?
  • If planned efforts did not work as intended – are new efforts needed?
  • Can other tasks affect work ability?
  • Does the work need to be adapted even if the workplace-oriented rehabilitation goes well, and if so, what adjustments are possible?
  • What will be the next step? For example. after a completed treatment
  • Is it possible to gradually increase working hours through part-time sick leave?

Who attends a rehabilitation meeting, in addition to the employer representative and the person concerned, depends on who can contribute to the process moving forward. It can be, for example, a safety or work environment representative or a union representative if the person so wishes, as well as representatives from HR, occupational health or other external resources within work environment and health.