Risks with dental implants

Dental implants Risks

Dental implants can improve your quality of life for the better. You get a fantastic smile and at the same time feel that you get better self-confidence. Your oral health will also feel better as you have probably improved your oral hygiene significantly.

However, implants are not the magic solution to all your dental problems. Like all other dental treatments, you can suffer from complications. It is important that you are well informed before you decide on a treatment with dental implants.

In order for you to gain a greater understanding, we will list the risks with implants below.


It is therefore important that you are cleansed before the treatment. This means that previous infections in the jawbone, inflammation of the gums and cavities in the teeth have been treated. It is important that you are clean in your mouth from bacteria and tartar before the operation.
Sometimes you can get an infection when you are treated with implants even though you have done everything right, but it is very rare as luck would have it and it can be treated in most cases.

It is also important to take care of the implants after the end of the treatment as the aftercare is incredibly important for maintaining a healthy gum.

Damage to teeth, lips and soft tissue

When undergoing a treatment with dental implants, there is always a risk of damaging the surrounding tissue such as other teeth, tongue, cheeks or other soft tissue. This is why it is important to go to a dentist who has extensive experience of dental implant treatments and who puts implants several times a week.

Damage to blood vessels

Every time you treat something in the mouth, there is a risk that you can damage blood vessels as the oral cavity has a very good blood supply. The risk of this increases when performing an operation for implants when drilling into the jawbone. If you cause damage to the vessels in the oral cavity, it can bleed heavily and in the bottom of the mouth it can be life-threatening. 

Nerve damage

There is always a risk of damaging nerves during an implant operation and the risk is greatest in the lower jaw. You can feel this by getting a numb feeling that does not go away or in the form of pain. You can feel this in your teeth, gums lips and chin depending on where the damage is.

Problems with the sinus

If the implant is placed incorrectly and penetrates the sinus in the upper jaw, it can create problems in the form of infection. The risk is greater if you have had problems with the sinuses before. In this case, it is important to tell your dentist. There are methods where you can raise the floor of the sinus and mucous membrane to place the implant. However, this requires an experienced therapist that we have at Lentini Dental.

Complications with smoking

Smoking increases the risk of complications and we recommend smokers to stop before treatment. Smoking increases the risk of infections and also leads to a worsening of the healing process. Smokers have an increased risk of losing implants already after surgery but also after healing as the risk of periimplantitis (tooth loss on implants) increases.

Benefits of dental implants

Although there are risks and complications with implants, these are small and the success rate is very high when a dentist with extensive experience performs the treatments. Implants are a really good treatment to replace teeth and avoid grinding in other teeth to create a dental bridge. You will experience a better quality of life and feel more self-absorbed with your new smile.