Top Pregnancy Pilates Exercises

Pilates can be the perfect exercise when you are carrying a baby. During pregnancy, it’s important to stay strong by doing workouts and movements, so that your body can handle the extra weight of the baby. Exercising when you’re expecting, greatly helps your body and mind.

The following are the expert’s favourite moves for your pregnancy.

  1. Side-lying inner & outer thigh move
  2. Kneeling alternating superman
  3. Modified kneeling plank
  4. Plié squat
  5. Seated curl and press

Side-lying inner & outer thigh move

It’s a very important exercise which requires very little weight and equipment. For this exercise, start by lying on your left side in a comfortable position. Make sure that your head and tummy are well supported. You may use a pillow for supporting your tummy. Since, you are lying on your left side, slowly lift your right leg through a large but comfortable range. Hold it up for few seconds and slowly bring it down. Do it for at least 20 times. Repeat the same work on your left leg by lying on your right side.

Kneeling alternating superman

For this exercise, first get on your hands and knees on a soft and comfortable surface. Make sure your back is flat, hands directly under your chest and knees are directly under your hips. Gently lift your opposite arm and leg to the same height. Stretch your arm and leg to your greatest capability while maintaining your balance. Remain in that position for few seconds. Then, lower your arm and leg slowly to the starting position. Repeat it on the other side. Do this for at least 15 repetitions (reps) on each side. 

Modified kneeling plank

This posture is a regular plank with a modification of resting on your knees. This modification ensures comfort and reduced pressure on your body. Experts recommendation is to do this plank for 10 seconds while taking a break of 10 seconds before repetition. Do breathe in each posture and repeat it for at least three times.

Plié squat

Plié is a French word used to refer bending. This exercise strengthens all muscles of your leg and increases the range of motion in your hips. You’ve to bend your knees as if you are sitting, while keeping your back straight. Do this for at least 20 reps.

Seated curl and press

For this exercise, you’ve to sit in a good posture on a couch. A ‘good posture’ here refers to, sitting tall with your back straight and sitting comfortably. Make sure to keep your shoulder blades back. Perform dumbbell Curl and Press for at least 15 times.

If you don’t feel energetic enough to do these workouts, try to go for a walk at least. But don’t be lazy as physical workouts or Pilates can help you a lot during and after your pregnancy.